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Barhop Career Center

BarhopChicago is looking for talented people to help our business grow. If you think you have what it takes and dont mind working 1000-hour work weeks.... then send us your resume along with a cover letter to jobs@thebarhopchicago.com and it's a crap shoot if we get back to you. One qualification must be you like to party and can shotgun a beer.


Positions that are currently open:

Advertisement Sales
We are trying to appeal to business, bars, restaurants and anyone that would benefit by advertising on TheBarhopChicago.com. Our fully automated platform makes it easy for businesses to reach thousands of people per day for a flat fee and see tangible results in the form of statistics and self-generated reports. The Barhop team is looking for professionals with sales experience that need a fun, lively atmosphere.

Every member of our marketing team has shares of ownership in the company. Come be a part of something great. Experience in marketing and promotions is required, and being connected to the Chicago nightlife scene is a huge plus.

Currently there are unpaid internship positions open for writers that want to get their name out. All we need is a couple submissions of past work and experience in the nightlife industry.

Programming/Web Development
Anyone that has a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL is a potential candidate. We are always looking to expand the functionality of TheBarhopChicago.com and create an interactive and fun atmosphere for Chicago nightlife. A knowledge of Drupal is definitely a plus.