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MyBarhop: Chicago

Have you ever wondered why there are over 1000 bars in the Chicagoland area? It’s because they bank on the fact that having good time with friends will never go out of style! From Lakeview to the South Loop to River North - you can find both young and older adults just like you looking for a good time.

But because Chicago is one of the best night life cities in the country, you may ask yourself from time to time where’s the hottest spot tonight? Which bar gives the best margarita deals in Lakeview on a Tuesday? What DJ is playing at what bar? And where is Snookie going to be at this weekend? Maybe not the last one… but for everything else, that's where The Barhop Chicago comes in.

At The Barhop Chicago, you can find out what’s going on at every bar in the Chicagoland area all the time, straight from the bars themselves. From drink specials to music to themed parties, The Barhop Chicago has all the info you need for that perfect night in Chi-town! The unique part about us is that the bars themselves login to post their specials, photos and videos, important information, special offers, and events that they want you to know about. Click here for a quick walkthrough.

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Participation is key, and we'll reward you for it. Post your comments, rate your experiences, submit your barcrawl ideas, upload your pictures from nights out and help share Chicago nightlife. Earn Barhop Points along the way and you'll be competeing to win givaways! Click here to learn more about Barhop Points, see the current contests, and check out where you rank.


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myBarhopUsing myBarhop, you're be able to see a feed of events, daily specials, coupons, photo and video albums, and updates from the bars you love. Every bar you follow gets you +2 Barhop points, and you're constantly updated to the happenings of your favorite bars! The Barhop Chicago is relatively new, so if you don't see all your favorite bars posting, you will soon!

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myBarhopSearch through bars, specials, and events at all your favorite locations. You'll see what ratings and reviews barhoppers give the bars, and also MyBarhop staff reviews for select places as well. Our database gets wider and more detailed by the day.